Past Events Aire Flamenco – Academy Performance 2014

There’s Flamenco in the air

Local and foreign talent in dance show

Alegria Academia de Baile Flamenco & Alegria Dance Company, Malta’s only dance school specialising in Flamenco dance, song and music will once again be putting up an evening of flamenco extravaganza entitled ‘Aire Flamenco’. Under the direction of Ingrid Sciberras, the performance will consist of Flamenco Dance by members of the Academy and Dance Company together with percussion by Jose Calderon from Seville, Spain and featuring Walter Vella on Saxaphone as a guest artist. The event will also include extracts from Bharat Natyam dance choreographed by Mavin Khoo for Alegria dancers.

The performance will also pay tribute to Sharon Sapienza and Paco de Lucia, who have both given their life to Flamenco and whose legend still lives. The event will also be making a contribution from its proceed towards cancer research at the University of Malta, through the Research Trust (RIDT).

Estelle Bonello Sant, Director of Choreography will be preparing most of the dances together with Ingrid Sciberras, Nicola Henson, Sara Bianchi, Ursula Farrugia, Ema Marie Attard and Claudia Karapanou. The evening promises to be passionate, emotional, vibrant and colourful.

ALEGRIA AIRE FLAMENCO small‘Aire Flamenco’ will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November 2014 at Salesian Theatre, Don Bosco Street, Sliema. For information and sale of tickets contact Ingrid Sciberras on 9949 5187 or email

Alegria’s Flamenco Shop !

Alegria Tienda specialises in the sale of Flamenco Dance Accessories and Flamenco related goods.

Designs by Claudia Karapanou

Alegria La Tienda is here to provide all Flamenco dancers with accessories to go with their dance needs. Apart from the basic needs of Castanets, Fans, Earrings, Flowers and Combs, La Tienda offers a wider colourful and useful service.

At La Tienda you will find Dance Bags, castanet and Fan covers designed and produced by Claudia Karapanou. Also designed and created by Claudia are Hand Painted Fans in various sizes, ideal not only for the Flamenco Dancer but also excellent to give out as gifts.

Colourful and Plain Practice Skirts are also available at La Tienda and orders may be taken to any individual’s request.

La Tienda is also an agent for Begona Cervera Flamenco Shoes and sales are done upon orders.

Visit our Facebook page – Alegria Tienda – Flamenco Goods & Accessories

For more information please email alegriamalta@gmail.comphoto (1) la tienda 12 la tienda 11 la tienda 7 la tienda 10coloured fanflamenco skirt 1flamenco skirt 2Flamenco skirt

Past Events Flamenco Singing Master Class with Encarnita Anillo

ENCARNITA ANILLO, the accompanying singer to Puerto Flamenco who will be visiting Malta for their show Isla, will be giving a Master Class in Flamenco singing at Alegria Academia.

The Master Class will be held on Monday 1st July 2013 from 5pm to 7pm. (Cost €50)

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NECESSARY HAVE TO BE A SINGER TO DO THE COURSE.  For all non singers and Flamenco dancers this course will give you a deeper understanding of Flamenco dance.

For those who attended the Festival de Jerez last March or who may have followed the Festival on Youtube, Encarnita Anillo was the singer in Farruquito’s show.

Anyone who wants to attend, kindly email me on or call on 9949 5187 for more details and booking.


FlashMob 4 FlashMob 3 FlashMob 2 FlashMob 1

As you know there will be a Flamenco performance by Maria del Mar Moreno on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May 2013.  She has expressed the wish to gather all Flamenco teachers and dancers in Malta for a Flamenco flashmob, the first of its kind in Malta, to be held on Friday 24thMay in Valletta.  This is to include Flamenco teachers and dancers from  all dance schools in Malta.   We will be meeting at 5.00pm in front of Casino Maltese and walk together with Maria del Mar Moreno towards St.Georges Square, where we will be dancing at 5.45pm.  Whether dancing or not, your presence and support will be greatly appreciated and will add to the atmosphere we hope to create for the love and passion of Flamenco.

Here’s a link to see the choreography for the flashmob…..


JEREZ PURO – Maria del Mar Moreno and Antonio de la Malena) will be performing at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta, Malta on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2013 at 8.00pm

Flamenco legend Mar Del Mar defends the traditional flamenco School of Jerez. Her new creation “Jerez Puro Esencia” is an exceptional show that gathers together the best of Jerez Flamenco. With cante, guitar and dance, “Jerez Puro Esencia” tells a universal story in the manner of the jerezanos : quite simply pure emotion.

Reservations may be made through the Manoel Theatre website

Censor: 6 Yrs & Over
Venue: Teatru Manoel
Price: €25 – €20 – €1514658_221682821095_208108421095_4184393_7089773_n 14658_221682826095_208108421095_4184394_7618945_n 14658_221682851095_208108421095_4184396_2993785_n 40148_481143276095_208108421095_6847598_5778109_n 226292_210283685661412_100000393453430_704715_307840_n 249058_10150232035036096_208108421095_8892707_5087049_n 300042_266432130046567_100000393453430_934432_2053161550_n Maria 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Maria 4 Maria y Antonio 2 Maria y Antonio 3

Past Events Una Forma De Vivir Academy Performance 2012

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Performance to be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd DECEMBER 2012 at SALESIANS Theatre, Don Bosco Street, Sliema

with the special collaboration of MAVIN KHOO.

More details to follow…… so keep on the look-out



Alegria has the pleasure to present ‘Pasion Flamenca’, a show of pure passion and love for this art form that expresses itself through the dancer’s moves interpreted through different ryhthms.  Alegria Dance Company with the participation of students from Alegria Gozo and Alegria Malta will be performing some of its works and taking the audience through a journey of passion and joy.  Alegria have performed several times on the island of Gozo, amongst which a flamenco dance version of ‘Carmen’ which was held at the Citadel.  This, however will be the first time that students from Gozo will be participating. Alegria Gozo has been conducting classes at Aurora Theatre for the past year.

 ‘Pasion Flamenca’ will be held on Friday 16th September at Sala 29 ta’ April within the Aurora Theatre, Republic Street, Victoria and is due to begin at 8.00pm.  For more information on tickets kindly call Ingrid Sciberras on 9949 5187 or email

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