A Flamenco Dance Performance inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s timeless masterpiece ‘The Four Seasons’. A Flamenco Dance Performance inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s timeless masterpiece ‘The Four Seasons’.


Welcome to our flamenco production inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s timeless masterpiece, ‘The Four Seasons’. In this performance we have combined the classical piece with authentic flamenco to bring you, what we hope, will be a unique experience.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons represents the changing seasons and the moods that come with them. We have taken this concept and incorporated the vibrant and exciting rhythms of flamenco to it.

Our dancers and musicians alike will take you on a journey through the seasons, showcasing the unique sounds and emotions of each one – from the crisp, invigorating atmosphere of autumn, to the ferocity and relentlessness of winter, the vibrant energy of spring, and the fiery passion of summer.

With the combination of classical and authentic flamenco music, we hope to create a dynamic and unforgettable experience for our audience. We invite you to sit back, relax, and let the sounds and movements of ‘Cuatro’ transport you to a world of passion, beauty, and emotion.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope you enjoy the show

Ingrid Sciberras

Ingrid Sciberras (Maria del Sol) Profesora Alianza Flamenca

Producer and Director of CUATRO

Director of Alegria Flamenco Malta and Gozo and Alegria Dance Company

Choreographer and Dancer

Maria Del Sol
Ingrid Sciberras

Ingrid Sciberras (Artistic name: Maria del Sol) discovered her passion for Flamenco more than 20 years ago and diligently trained with Rosana Maya.  She successfully completed an intensive study in all the levels of Alianza Flamenco, and obtained her full teacher’s certificate in 2005.  She trained in other dance forms – Argentine Tango, Salsa, Belly Dance and Indian classical dance.  Besides studying in Malta, she lived for a period of time in Seville, Spain where she daily attended intensive flamenco dance, percussion and singing classes.  She still studies Flamenco intensively and annually  visits the Festival de Jerez and Seville to attend courses.  Her maestros include Maria del Mar Moreno, Milagros Mengibar, Alicia Marquez, Angel Munoz, Blanca del Rey, Manuela Carrasco, Pilar Ogalla, Matilda Coral, Fuensanta La Moneta and many others. 

Following several visits to India, she settled in Mumbai for a while, performing and giving lecture demonstrations on Spanish traditions and Flamenco dance.  She introduced Alianza Flamenca there and was the first teacher to enter students for assessments. She still travels to India occassionally to give workshops and performances, and in 2015, with the help of Arts Council Malta, toured to Assam, India with Alegria Dance Company to perform in an Arts Festival.

Ingrid has been running Alegria Flamenco Malta and Alegria Dance Company since 2009.   Her philosophy is to give people a safe haven to release their emotions and get over their inhibitions.  She presently teaches Alianza Flamenca and Flamenco Technique classes at the school, choreographs for Academy Performances and dances with the Company.  Over the years she has experimented with combining flamenco dance with other forms of music such as Maltese folk (Ghana), funeral marches and local ‘Festa’ band marches.  Ingrid has performed in various private functions, festivals, Children’s programmes, Operas (Carmen and Traviata) and theatre productions both locally and abroad, and has a vast knowledge in organising events.

Ingrid believes Flamenco is not only a dance form, but ‘A way of life’ where emotions of sadness and happiness can be transformed and released through the beautiful art of Flamenco.

Estelle Bonello Sant

Choreographer & Teacher for Alegria Academia & Dance Company

Estrella La Maltesa
Estelle Bonello Sant

Estelle was introduced to classical ballet at the early age of three at ‘Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine Academy of Ballet’ in Malta. A couple of years later, she was introduced to flamenco dance, under the tuition of Rosanna Maya. At the age of fifteen, Estelle was awarded the ‘Luisillo’ cup for Spanish dance. Since 2001 she has been attending the flamenco ‘Festival de Jerez’ organised by the ‘Teatro Villamarta.’ Here she has attended courses under the tuition of Maria del Mar Moreno, Merche Esmeralda, Matilde Coral and Blanca Del Rey, among other flamenco artists.

Living in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, for over 4 years, Estelle had the opportunity to form part of the ‘Academia de Baile Maria del Mar Moreno.’ Here she attended advanced classes under the tuition of Maria del Mar Moreno, and she also gave classes to children and beginners who attend the school. In Jerez, Estelle, attended courses and private classes with various artists, namely: Maria del Mar Moreno, Joaquín Grilo, Andrés Peña, Fernando Galán, Angelita Gomez, Javier Latorre, Maria Bermudez and Juan Tejero. These experiences enabled her to develop a broad and intimate knowledge of Flamenco.

In 2003 Estelle took part in a dance competition in the village of Ubrique and she was passed through to the semi-finals. Estelle’s dance career has advanced since 2004 when she joined a company of young dancers who toured around Spain, promoting Jerez and Flamenco. In this way, she has spread her name of ‘Estrella La Maltesa’ in small villages and important cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Salamanca, Dos Hermanas (Seville), Lebrija, Granada etc.

In 2004, Estelle accompanied Maria del Mar Moreno, on two different occasions: May 2004 Padova and Venice, Italy and June 2004 Paris, France. She worked as Maria Del Mar’s assistant, teaching flamenco to students of all ages.

On her return to Malta, Estelle started teaching flamenco at Alegria Academia Flamenca. At Alegria, Estelle forms part of the teaching faculty and of Alegria Dance Company where she is the director of choreography and dancer.

With Alegria she has directed various projects such as Alegria’s show in Alcheringa, India, in January 2015, a joint venture between Alegria and Diciembre Dance group ‘Vespers’ in October 2016, ‘Carmen’ with Moveo Dance Company in February 2017 at the Manoel Theatre. As a freelance dancer and choreographer, she has been working with Moveo Dance company since 2017. In 2020 she was engaged as a guest flamenco teacher at Seed Dance Studios.

Estelle obtained her Primer diploma de Enseňanza, Alianza Flamenca in June 2017, and she teaches Alianza syllabus classes at Alegria Academia Flamenco.

In 2017 she was appointed Director of ‘La Moreno de Jerez – Malta’, a branch of the La Moreno de Jerez Flamenco school of Maria del Mar Moreno, from Jerez de la Frontera Spain. The school has established links all over Europe and also in South America. The concept of this project is to organise one weekend in every scholastic term, that gives students, teachers and dancers the unique opportunity to learn and widen their knowledge of the ‘baile flamenco de raiz’, the ‘cante’ and ‘guitarra’, the authentic style of pure flamenco with Maria del Mar Moreno.

Estelle is currently reading for a Master degree in Performing Arts (Dance) at the University of Malta and focusing her research specifically on flamenco. “I believe that as a dancer, choreographer and teacher I never stop learning… my students are the ones who teach me the most!’

Ema Marie Attard

Choreographer & Dancer for Alegria Academia & Dance Company

Ema Marie Attard

Starting ballet three years, dance has always been a vital part of Ema Marie Attard’s life. Falling in love with dance and movement, Ema ventured into Jazz, Tap, Classical Spanish (receiving the Spanish Dance Award in 2003), Ballroom, Latin and Flamenco (receiving the Comsec International Scholarship Award in 2010 and the Estrella Jerez Award in 2014). Ema soon realised her true passion was Flamenco and after a few years of intensive study, she became a member of Alegria Dance Company with whom she performs regularly. She is currently a teacher and choreographer at Alegria Academia de Baile Flamenco. She has, to date, done numerous courses both locally and in Spain with various flamenco teachers some of which include Maria Del Mar Moreno, Andres Peňa, Jose Merino, Mercedes Ruiz, Juan Polvillo and Concha Jareño. 

Sarah Spiteri

Guest Artists
ProMuzika Ensemble

Guest Artists
ProMuzika Ensemble

ProMuzika Ensemble, formed in 2004, is made up of leading musicians who are established soloists and chamber musicians. It was founded and led by violinist Sarah Spiteri, who, following her studies in Malta, furthered her studies in Lyon, France and attended master classes at the Accademia Chigiana, Siena, with violinist Boris Belkin and in the UK with violist Martin Outram.

ProMuzika has held acclaimed performances in Malta’s theatres but also in historical venues, including Villa Bighi, Auberge de Castille, Palazzo Girgenti, Auberge d’Aragon amongst others, thus combining the promotion of music with Maltese cultural heritage.  

Members of ProMuzika represented Malta in the Europa Musicale Festival held in Germany, performed in Berlin at the Berliner Konzerthaus, in Leipzig at the Gewandhaus and in Wiesbaden at the Kurthaus, at Aino Ackte Concert House in Helsinki and at the Theatre of the Estates in Prague. Their repertoire ranges from the classical period to contemporary works, championing especially works by Maltese composers.

ProMuzika joined forces with the Rock Troupers for the past two editions of BaRock, within the prestigious Valetta Baroque Festival, in an original presentation of cross-over genre, fusing Baroque works with Rock elements and vice versa.


  1. Nacimiento de los Elementos (The Birth of the Elements)

     Alegria Dance Company

  • Music: Orobroy by Dorantes
  • Choreography: Estelle Bonello Sant
  • Dancers: Laura Agius, Ema Marie Attard, Martina Joy Azzopardi, Estelle Bonello Sant, Marissa Camilleri, Justine Lanzon, Dael Scerri, Ingrid Sciberras, Anthony Tomaselli

El Otoño


  1. Se Presenta el  Otoño (Introducing Autumn)

     Ema Marie Attard & ProMuzika Ensemble

  • Music : Autumn-Movement 3-Concerto in F Major-Allegro
  • Choreography: Ema Marie Attard
  1. Nuevos Comienzos (New Beginnings)
  • Music : Roe Por La Escalera by Chambao (Tangos)
  • Choreography : Ingrid Sciberras
  • Dancers : Elisabeth Ann Cassar, Julia Marie Dalli, Aiyana Lanzon, , Claudia Rennola, Faye Spiteri Cefai   
  1. Viento de Otoño (Autumn Wind)
  • Music : Solo Compas, arrangement by Renzo Spiteri (Guajiras)
  • Choreography : Ingrid Sciberras
  • Dancers : Kyra Borg, Amy Bray,  Mariella Bugeja, Marlene Formosa, Jessica Farrugia, Jessica Fusaro, Josephine Mallia, Ersilia Micallef, Romina Savona, FranJessica Valletta



  1. Se Se presenta el Invierno (Introducing Winter)

     Estelle Bonello Sant & ProMuzika Ensemble

  • Music: Winter-Movement 1-Concerto in F Minor–Allegro non molto
  • Choreography: Estelle Bonello Sant
  1. Fuego en el Hielo (Fire in Ice)
  • Music: Alejandro de Chacon (Tarantos)
  • Choreography: Estelle Bonello Sant
  • Dancers: Laura Agius, Ariane Azzopardi, Martina Joy Azzopardi, Maronna Filletti, Helena Micallef, Justine Lanzon, Anthony Tomaselli, Martha Visanich



  1. Se presenta la Primavera (Introducing Spring)

     Ingrid Sciberras & ProMuzika Ensemble

  • Music: Spring-Movement 1-Concerto in E Major-Allegro    
  • Choreography: Ingrid Sciberras
  1. Despertar de Primavera (Spring Awakening)
  • Music: En Lo Alto Del Cerro by Estrella Morente (Tangos)
  • Choreography: Ema Marie Attard
  • Dancers: Gabriella Attard, Kyra Borg, Lara Marie Ellis, Claire Falzon, Tina Koepf, Samantha Pace, Jessica Zahra



  1. Se presenta Verano (Introducing Summer)

     ProMuzika Ensemble

  • Music: Summer-Movement 3-Concerto in G Minor-Presto
  1. Tierra Ardiente (Burning Ground)
  • Music : El Junco Bulerias de Cadiz – Miguel Poveda (Alegrias)
  • Choreography : Estelle Bonello Sant
  • Dancers : Laura Agius, Martina Joy Azzopardi, Gabrielle Bezzina, Erika Farrugia Grungo, Justine Lanzon, Dael Scerri, Anthony Tomaselli, Martha Visanich.



Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well

It is such a pleasure to be able to thank so many of you who have been with me since day one of Alegria Flamenco Malta’s creation.  Thank you to our audiences for your support.  Thank you to all the Choreographers, Company members and dancers for their dedication and loyalty.  I appreciate each and every one of you – Ingrid Sciberras

Here are the people who have made ‘Cuatro’ and Alegria possible :

  • The Choreographers – Estelle Bonello Sant for sharing her amazing talent and discipline.  Ema Marie Attard for her enjoyable attitude, creative insight and dedication. 
  • My Guest Artist – Pro Muzika Ensemble, under the direction of Sarah Spiteri
  • Renzo Spiteri for mixing all our music and sound effects. 
  • Margaret Buhagiar who makes sure the whole performance runs smoothly by guiding us through our cues backstage 
  • The Seamstresses – Maryanne Falzon, Doris Mercieca and Alex Spiteri who work hard to create our amazing costumes  
  • All the Sponsors who believe in us and share our vision – Joseph Caruana – KPMGAPS BankJoseph Cachia & Son LtdJB Stores 
  • Our Scholarship Donators – Chris Grech (Dhalia Local Award) and Martin Aquilina (Comsec International Award)
  • Robert Tabone whose artistic creations and designs never fail us 
  • Chris Bonett who created and designed our on-line program
  • All the photographers – Charlot Lanzon, Tonio Polidano and Christine J. Muscat Azzopardi who contributed to all the photography for the performance
  • Charlot Lanzon for videography and editing
  • All the members of Alegria Dance Company for their loyalty and hard work and their love and passion of dance. 
  • All the students of Alegria Academia for their dedication, enthusiasm and hard work
  • All the parents for being so patientand ferrying their children to and from classes and rehearsals
  • Luke Mercieca and All staff at Theatre Next Door 
  • Gerald Agius Ordway and Alex Magro from MadAboutVideo, for all Projections 
  • Chris Gatt for lighting design