Alegria Flamenco Malta is a dance school specializing only in Flamenco Dance.  The School has been operating under the direction of Ingrid Sciberras since 2009 and offers students an intense understanding of the Culture and way of life that surrounds this genre of dance.

The school offers classes in the following :

Alianza Flamenca Syllabus Classes

Alianza Flamenca is a syllabus created by a group of Flamenco professionals in South Africa and is designed to give the student an intense study of flamenco with a deep understanding of the rhythm (compas), footwork (zapateado), clapping (palmas), arm movements (braceo) and turns (vueltas).  Students also learn the use of castanets (castañuelas), shawl (manton) and fan (abanico).  Students are prepared to undertake assessments at the end of the scholastic year (end of June) by visiting Alianza Assessors.  Alianza Teachers at Alegria are Ingrid Sciberras and Estelle Bonello Sant.

Flamenco Technique and Choreography Classes

Alegria provides classes in technique and choreography covering a variety of flamenco dances (palos).  Technique classes are designed to build stamina and sustenance in the dancer and aims to perfect every detail.  Choreography classes are prepared with an aim to be performed at charity events and academy performances.  All students are trained to perform and guided through the aspects of Stage presence.  The school also offers senior students who show great potential to be able to audition to become members of Alegria Flamenco Dance Company.  The Choreography classes are directed by Estelle Bonello Sant.  Ema Marie Attard is also another teacher of choreography in the school.

All students have the opportunity to benefit from local and overseas scholarships and the school offers a variety of awards at the end of the year.  The school annually visits the Flamenco Festival in Jerez de La Frontera, Spain.  Maria del Mar Moreno from Jerez de la Frontera also regularly visits the school giving intensive weekend workshops (Next workshop September 21, 22 and 23 2021).  Alegria also invites various Flamenco artists to give courses at the school.

Realising your passion is what Alegria sets out to do and its intention is to inspire, educate, prepare and shape dancers of all ages, all physiques and abilities.  Whilst helping the individual to discover their unique gift, Alegria provides the space to freely express emotion and to awaken the senses through dance.

We are presently conducting classes from the following Dance Studio : BS Building, Triq il-Mosta, Lija (next door to JYSK Showroom).  Due to Covid 19, we are adhering to all precautionary measures advised by the Health authorities and masks must be worn at all times.  Please always check our website, facebook(#alegriaflamencomalta) and instagram (#alegriaflamencomalta) pages for details and activities being organised and shared.

For more details and information on registration and fees, kindly email: or phone: 9949 5187

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