Alegria Dance Company

Alegria Dance Company is a Company of fine dancers who have dedicated their time and energy to an art form they love.  Under the direction of Ingrid Sciberras, Alegria is Malta’s only Established Flamenco Dance Company and its members are also trained in other forms of dances.  They are frequently invited to perform in Theatre, Gala performances, Cabaret and Festivals, Television and Film and have a prolific repertoire earning them an esteemed reputation in the arts.  The dancers individually tour abroad and study with notable maestros of dance.  Some individuals have also performed with reknowned Flamenco Companies in Malta and abroad in Spain, Italy,  South Africa and India.

Alegria Dance Company pride themselves in the capability of fusing Flamenco with difference genres of dance and music yet retaining the authenticity and technique of flamenco dance.  They have experimented and succeeded in creating work to Maltese composed funeral marches, Maltese folk song and music and their latest work which enjoyed three full houses at Teatru Manoel entitled ‘Carmen’which was a fusion with contemporary dance.

*The company work to play back and live music and song with the diversity of artists performing from solo to maximum 12 member dancers. Musicians are commissioned separately.
Audiovisual material is available on request.

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