Alegria aims to introduce the highest standard of artistry and technical skill with a holistic approach (mind, body and spirit) in an organized discipline in both teaching and performing, on an international scale, by establishing fully trained teachers effective in Alianza Flamenca and choreography for all purposes of growth in the Arts.

Alegria Flamenco Malta provides:

Junior and adult flamenco education

Alianza Flamenca certified assessments

Indepth Choreography Classes

Flamenco dance courses by Resident and guest teachers from Spain

Opportunity to join Alegria Dance Company

Performances for private events, festivals, opera and theatre by Alegria Dance Company


Classes are available to students from children and adult beginners to advanced level. Courses in Alianza Flamenca ensure that the student achieves the highest aims of Flamenco. Open choreographic classes are given to broaden the knowledge and artistic development of the student. The student is trained to be able to choreograph, improvise and learn choreographic repertoire for the professional stage.

Teachers with Alegria are compelled to advance their technical and creative choreographic skills beyond the Alianza syllabus and to attend courses regularly in Spain.  They are encouraged to develop their Personal psychology and sensitivity to the arts give a holistic approach to teaching while upholding the aims and philosophy of Alegria and flamenco.

Teachers are encouraged to extend their knowledge in the HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, the ELEMENTS (music, song dance) and FEATURES of Spanish Culture.

Alegria provide on-going projects on a regular basis with scope for new and innovative, creative projects. Frequent visits by masters of Flamenco, and other performing arts are organized to ensure that the student is both broadening the experience and knowledge of the arts.
Dance tours are organized to Spain with top professionals exposing students to the correct ambiente(atmosphere) thus developing the current techniques and trends in Spain.
The students are encouraged to perform in regular theatre, cabaret and charity events organized by Alegria and outside organizations. Lecture demonstrations and workshops are frequently organized internationally. Alegria is also expanding to other countries.

Realising your passion is what Alegria Academia sets out to do and its  intention is to inspire, educate, prepare and shape dancers of all ages, all physiques and abilities. Whilst helping the individual to discover their unique gift, Alegria provides the space to freely express emotion and to awaken the senses through dance. The student becomes aware of their personal psychological and spiritual frequencies within a style that most suits them.  Highly qualified and dedicated teachers, all specialists in their respective dance forms, guide the individual to achieve the highest capacity in dance.

Alegria Academia and Alegria Dance Company share the vision of how dance can make a difference…Being Malta’s only Flamenco school, it is a representative of Alianza Flamenca Diploma Course of Study and has a vast line up of Flamenco Maestros who offer all students an intensive study of the art form directly from its birth place.

Alegria Dance Company – Guest Artists DIVA
Alegria Academia – Performance ‘Amor’ 2016
Alegria Dance Company – GhanaFest 2015
Alegria Academia (Gozo) – Aire Flamenco 2014
Alegria Academia – Promesas 2019
Alegria Academia – Promesas 2019

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