Free Flamenco Dance Trial Class




Monday 25th September – 7.30pm

A Free trial class in Flamenco dance is being held for all those who have wanted to try it out and curious to know more. All participants will be given a feel of flamenco dance and an opportunity to experience a dance class.

All participants are to wear something comfortable and to bring some love and passion !

The new term will commence from Monday 2nd October. Registration for classes may be done from now or after the Trial Class on the 25th September.  Should you wish to register for the term from now, kindly send an email to for details.

Alegria Academia de Baile Flamenco is Malta’s only dance school that specialises in Flamenco Dance. It gives it’s students a sound foundation to Flamenco dance and follows a syllabus (Alianza Flamenca) that concentrates on every technical aspect of Flamenco dance. Yearly assessments are held at the end of each scholastic year (without obligation). Classes are offered in Alianza syllabus for absolute beginners, technique and choreography for various levels and Estilizada (stylised flamenco). Students are also trained in stage presence and prepared for bi annual academy performances and charity events. Students are also prepared to be able to participate in workshops in Flamenco Festivals in Jerez de la Frontera and Seville, Spain. The school is proud to give as many opportunities and awards to its students for their hard work.

For more details and for registration to the Free Trial class, kindly email


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