Free Estilizada Trial Class



Monday 25th September – 6.30pm

A Free trial class in Estilizada is being held for classically trained dancers or Spanish Dance students. All participants will be given an insight to this modern interpretation and an opportunity to discover a classical feel with a difference. Participants must have done at least 1 year of flamenco dance.

All participants are to wear comfortable clothing or flamenco wear together with their flamenco shoes and are to bring small fans and castanets if you have them.

The new term will start from Monday 2nd October. Registration for classes may be done from now or after the Trial Class on the 25th September.

Estilizada is Stylised Flamenco. It consists of composed steps and choreographies based on the movement of classical Spanish dance. Danza estilizada is highly theatrical and artistic in interpretation, and utilizes the music of many of Spain’s great composers of the 18th & 19th centuries. Danza estilizada builds upon knowledge of classical dance (ballet), escuela bolero, flamenco, Spanish folk dance, and castanets. Training in castanets is vital for the dancer of this genre. Students are given a solid technique in the use of castanets and fans and are prepared for stage performances for charity events and our bi-annual academy performance.

For more details and for registration to the Free Trial Class, kindly email


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