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As you know there will be a Flamenco performance by Maria del Mar Moreno on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May 2013.  She has expressed the wish to gather all Flamenco teachers and dancers in Malta for a Flamenco flashmob, the first of its kind in Malta, to be held on Friday 24thMay in Valletta.  This is to include Flamenco teachers and dancers from  all dance schools in Malta.   We will be meeting at 5.00pm in front of Casino Maltese and walk together with Maria del Mar Moreno towards St.Georges Square, where we will be dancing at 5.45pm.  Whether dancing or not, your presence and support will be greatly appreciated and will add to the atmosphere we hope to create for the love and passion of Flamenco.

Here’s a link to see the choreography for the flashmob…..


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